EP-TEC SOLUTIONS | The distributor for Robotel Language Lab & Computer Lab System, SMART Board interactive whiteboard, Faronics Deep Freeze and other complimentary solutions.
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Welcome to EP-TEC Solutions

EP-TEC Solutions is an experienced regional technology solutions provider in enabling people with leading technologies to teach, learn and collaborate effectively.

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Data Harvest    .    Faronics    .    Robotics    .    Robotel    .    Smart    .    Swivl


Faronics    .    Smart    .    Swivl


Data Harvest - Engaging with Science   .   Faronics Insight   .   Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise   .   Parrot Minidrone   .   ArTec BlockRobo   .   mOway   .   SmartClass+ CAD Lab   .   SmartClass+ Language Lab   .   SmartClass+ Computer Lab   .   SMART amp Collaborative Learning Software   .   SMART Board M600 Interactive Whiteboard   .   SMART Board 800 Series Interactive Whiteboard System   .   SMART Notebook™ Collaborative Learning Software   .   SMART LightRaise™ 60wi Interactive Projector   .   SMART Board® 6065 Interactive Flat Panel   .   SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®   .   SMART Board 8000 Series Interactive Flat Panels   .   SMART Podium Interactive Pen Display   .   SMART kapp™ 42″ Capture Board   .   SMART Meeting Pro 4.0 Personal Edition   .   SMART Meeting Pro 4.0 Software   .   SMART Bridgit Conferencing Software   .   Swivl 



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